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Ellie Gellerson

M.S. Student

Email: [[v|efgellerson]]
Phone: (804) 684-7424
Office: CBH 313N
Advisor: {{, Amber Hardison}}
Research Interests: Coastal biogeochemistry, phytoplankton ecology, polar oceanography

About Me


B.S. Marine Science, Maine Maritime Academy, 2022


Welcome to my homepage! I am currently a 2nd year graduate student working with Dr. Amber Hardison on her research at the Beaufort Lagoon Ecosystem Long Term Ecological Research station.  The program's overall focus is to understand the community ecology of a series of Arctic lagoons located along the northernmost coast of Alaska. I specifically study coastal biogeochemistry across these sites by looking at photosynthesis and respiration rates within sea ice, spatial and temporal variations in the nutrient content of sea ice, and the community composition of benthic, pelagic, and ice-associated microalgae through a high-performance liquid chromatography approach.

Beyond my research, I am especially interested in the intersection of policy and management with scientific research, and educational outreach initiatives. I currently sit on the board of a nonprofit, Maine College Circle, which works with rural Maine elementary and middle school students from schools that typically see low college attendance to uplift their aspirations of attending higher education. If you are interested in becoming a mentor to any of these students or sharing your career path through a brief Zoom visit, please contact me!



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