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Theresa Redmond

Laboratory & Research Specialist

Email: [[v|terobitaille]]
Phone: (413) 575-4659
Section: Natural Resources

I specialize in field observations and age-based assessments of estuarine fisheries of coastal and shelf molluscs. The biology of these molluscs (Scallops, Ocean Quahogs, and Surf Clams) are temperature sensitive and are used as a barometer of climate change. Growth signatures found in the valves of these shellfish are used to age while C14 samples are taken and analyzed to date each organism. Trends found may be related to climate change and may be responsible for the temporal and spatial recruitment of the species.

Hemeon, K., Powell, E., Pace, S., Redmond, T., & Mann, R. (2022). Population dynamics of Arctica islandica at Georges Bank (USA): An analysis of sex-based demographics. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 101(7), 1003-1018.

Hemeon, K., Powell, E., Robillard, E., Pace, S., Redmond, T., & Mann, R. (2021). Attainability of Accurate Age Frequencies for Ocean Quahogs (Arctica islandica) Using Large Datasets: Protocol, Reader Precision, and Error Assessment. Journal of Shellfish Research,  40(2), 255-267.

LeClaire, A., Powell, E., Mann, R., Hemeon, K., Pace, S., Sower, J., & Redmond, T. (2022). Historical biogeographic range shifts and the influence of climate change on ocean quahogs (Arctica islandica) on the Mid-Atlantic Bight. The Holocene.