Kory T. Angstadt homepage

Kory Angstadt

Laboratory and Research Specialist II, CCRM

Email: [[kory]]
Phone: (804) 684-7844
Office: Davis Hall 216
Section: Ecosystem Health
Unit: Center for Coastal Resources Management
Program: Operations

  • B.S. Biology, University of Pennsylvania, Millersville
Research Interests

My research interests include wetland ecology and animal behavior.

Current Projects
  • Atlantic Slope Consortium-Estuarine and Great Lakes Indication Development Projects (ASC-EAGLES): Development of ecological indicators for the integrated assessment of aquatic ecosystems of the Atlantic Slope in the Mid-Atlantic States; evaluation the impact of land-use change and shoreline alterations on shallow-water fish communities       
  • Monitoring active replenishment of subsiding habitat (MARSH project): Assessment of fish zooplankton community structure in tidal, oligohaline marshes (pdf)        
  • Shad project: Determination of survivability of American shad early life stages in varying habitats with mesocosm studies. (pdf)        
  • Development of HGM headwater models for wetlands management in Virginia
  • Development of HGM forested models for wetlands management in Virginia. (pdf)
  • Development of forested depressional wetland HGM model for wetlands management in Virginia
Selected Publications
K. J. Havens, D.M. Bilkovic, D. Stanhope, and K. Angstadt. 2011. Fishery failure, unemployed commercial fishers, and lost blue crab pots: An unexpected success story.  Environmental Science & Policy, Volume 14, Issue 4,  Pages 445-450. (link)