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Donglai Gong

Associate Professor

Email: [[v|gong]]
Phone: (804) 684-7529
Office: Andrews Hall 228
Section: Coastal & Ocean Processes
Lab: Andrews Hall 220/219
Interests: Coastal and Polar Oceanography

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2001, B.S./B.A., Physics/Math, Rutgers University
2004, S.M., Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2010, Ph.D., Oceanography, Rutgers University
Research Interests

I am an observational physical oceanographer and an ocean explorer. I lead the Coastal & Polar Physical Oceanography (C2PO) lab and the Laboratory for Ocean Sensing at VIMS-W&M. My research focuses on improving our understanding of the physical processes that drive transport and mixing in mid- and high latitude oceans. These processes significantly affect the exchange of heat, freshwater, nutrients, organic material and pollutants between the coastal and open ocean. I mainly use an observational approach, employing a range of sampling platforms such as AUV/gliders, floats/drifters, satellites, HF-Radar, moorings, and ships. I am developing a new fast and capable sailing research vessel for conducting sustainable ocean research in the future.