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Albert Y. Kuo

Faculty Emeritus

Retired: 2012
Department: Physical Sciences
Email: [[kuo]]

  • B.S., National Taiwan University
  • M.S., University of Iowa
  • Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University
Research Interests

My primary areas of study/research are numerical modeling of estuarine hydrodynamics and water quality, dispersion of pollutants and transport of sediments in estuaries and coastal waters. Included are the investigation of physical transport processes in estuaries and coastal seas, and their effects on water quality and living resources. The ultimate goal is to understand these processes well enough to develop predictive models as management tools.

My research has involved field observations, theoretical analyses, and numerical modeling. The emphases in the next few years will be relating to the suspended sediment transport in tidal rivers and estuaries. A vast quantity of field data has been collected. A better understanding of the sediment transport processes will be attempted through analyses of these data, and numerical modeling of the processes. [top]

Current Projects
  • Application of a watershed model to evaluate nonpoint nutrient and sediment loadings in small Virginia watershed, Funded by U.S. EPA through Virginia Nonpoint Source Management Program.
Selected Publications
  • Shen, J. and A.Y. Kuo. 1999. Numerical investigation of an estuarine front and its associated topographic eddy. ASCE J. of Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Engineering, 125 (3): 127-135.
  • Hsu, M.H. and A.Y. Kuo, J.T. Kuo and W.C. Liu. 1999. Procedure to calibrate and verify numerical models of estuarine hydrodynamics. ASCE J. of Hydraulic Engineering, 125 (2): 166-182.
  • Park, K., J. Shen and A.Y. Kuo. 1998. Application of a multi-step computation scheme to an intratidal estuarine water quality models. J. of Ecological Modeling, 110 (3):281-292.
  • Shen, J. and A.Y. Kuo. 1998. Application of inverse method to calibrate an estuarine eutrophication model. ASCE J. of Environmental Engineering, 124 (5):409-418.