Angelina Dichiera

Assistant Professor

Email: [[v|dichiera]]
Phone: (804) 684-7292
Office: Chesapeake Bay Hall N105
Section: Natural Resources
Interests: Fish physiology, adaptation and plasticity, conservation
Website: {{}}

  • B.S., Biology, The University of North Florida, 2014
  • Ph.D., Marine Science, The University of Texas at Austin, 2021
Research Interests
I am a comparative fish physiologist interested in how fishes adapt and acclimate to their environments. With over 30,000 species, fishes are the most diverse group of vertebrates on the planet. Their physiology - respiration, acid-base balance, ion regulation - plays a large role in how they have adapted to diverse and often dynamic environments. In my research, I use a combination of genetic, molecular, biochemical, and whole-animal techniques to compare how different species have adapted to their particular environments, and how they may be impacted by environmental stressors in contrasting ways. As fishes play an important role both ecologically and economically, I am also interested in using physiological research to co-create strategies for conservation and management.