Along with its subtle background wave, the VIMS logo graphic letterform features graduated shades of VIMS blue and teal, suggesting the depths and movement of the coastal ocean. The logo serves as the primary visual cue for the VIMS brand and should appear prominently on every communication piece.

Versions of the VIMS Logo
Gradient CMYK Version

Key Colors

Pantone (spot color)
PMS 294

0 | 70 | 127

Pantone (spot color)
PMS 3145

0 | 136 | 164

2-Color VIMS Graphic Letterforms


(CMYK-Match or PMS 294 & PMS 3145)

1-Color VIMS Graphic Letterforms


(PMS 294)

Black & White VIMS Graphic Letterforms


Reverse (White) Version

The logo can be used in reverse (white) on solid colors or simplistic photos on approval of News & Media Services staff.

VIMS Logo Guidelines

As the primary visual cue for the VIMS brand, the logo should—whenever possible—appear on the front of every printed piece.

Size and Placement
Clear Space


To give the logo proper prominence, a reserved area surrounds it. This area should be free of imagery, graphics, or any other element that may interfere with the clarity of the logo. The minimum amount of clear space is in proportion to the logo size. 


The logo should never be reproduced smaller than 1 inch in width.

What to Avoid
Separating Elements of Logo

Never separate the elements of the logo, move their position, or change their proportion.

Scaling of Logo

Never scale the logo disproportionately by changing its aspect ratio.

Rotation of Logo

Do not rotate the logo or run it at an angle.

Placement of Logo on Images


Never place the logo above textures or backgrounds that will impair the legibility.

Changing Logo Colors


Never change the standard colors of the logo.

Logo Files

Logo files for VIMS and sub-branded entities can be downloaded from the VIMS website. Download the Branding & Logo Committee White Paper to learn about the criteria that guide the Committee's decision regarding whether a particular administrative unit warrants a sub-branded VIMS logo.