Moderators for Qualifying Exams & Defenses

Guidelines for Moderators (pdf file, approved Fall 2022)
Guidelines for Exams and Defenses (pdf file, approved Fall 2022)

Note for Defenses: There will be two different zoom links to share with the committee if anyone needs to participate remotely. The moderator is responsible for setting up the zoom meeting link for the committee (i.e., for exams and defenses). ITNS will continue to manage zoom webinar access for the public defense seminar presentation. The public zoom seminar link can be viewed in the guidelines, approved Fall 2022.

Coastal and Ocean Processes
  • [[kuehl, Steve Kuehl]] - through Fall 2023, while Deb Steinberg is on research leave.
  • [[shen, Jian Shen]]
  • [[debbies, Deb Steinberg]] - on research leave, Fall 2023.
Ecosystem Health
  • [[kreece, Kim Reece]]
  • [[jeff, Jeff Shields]]
Natural Resources
  • [[ehilton, Eric Hilton]]
  • [[rmann, Roger Mann]]
At-Large Members
  • [[brush, Mark Brush]]
  • [[songb, Bongkeun Song]]
  • [[brush, Mark Brush]], Chair, Academic Council
  • [[mitras, Siddhartha Mitra]], Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

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