CBNERR-VA Education

  • Investigation
    Investigation   Keying out species in the education lab  
  • Big Catch
    Big Catch   Summer flounder caught by some angle masters at NERRS summer camp  
  • Summer Fun
    Summer Fun   Summer camp expedition to the Eastern Shore of Virginia  
  • What's That?!
    What's That?!   Oh, the treasures you'll find in the NERRS education programs  
  • Technology
    Technology   Learning about robotics can be fun  
  • Callinectes sapidus
    Callinectes sapidus   A beautiful swimmer - blue crab caught during education field trip  
  • Field Experiences
    Field Experiences   Willy Reay, NERRS Director, helps children identify Bay fish during an education field trip.  
  • Take 5
    Take 5   Boots, life vests, and students dry off in the sun at NERRS York River State Park, Taskinas Creek.  
  • Canoeing in Guinea Marshes
    Canoeing in Guinea Marshes   Students canoe through Guinea Marsh.  
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The primary goal of the CBNERR-VA General Education and Public Outreach Program is to increase awareness, understanding, appreciation, and responsible use of the Chesapeake Bay estuary through informal and formal education programs for K-12 and college audiences, teacher-training workshops, and programs for the general public.

Field-trip activities include exploration of salt marsh, submerged aquatic vegetation, and shallow-water habitats; collection of fish, crabs, and other invertebrates; and water-quality and watershed studies.

Healthy estuaries and estuarine ecosystems are valuable to every member of society and those who become aware of estuarine processes and issues will be better equipped to protect estuarine environments, both presently and in the future.

CBNERR-VA's Education Program strives to enhance student, teacher and public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of estuaries by providing hands-on, investigative field experiences, curriculum and information material, multi-exposure opportunities, teacher training programs, and public outreach events.

For more information the CBNERR-VA's General Education and Public Outreach Program, contact:

Sarah McGuire Nuss
Education Coordinator
Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Virginia