Bay Info - Frequently Asked Questions

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Red tide
Red Tide?

I've observed a patch of water that is colored red or mahogany. What should I do?

Shark FAQs

Everything you need to know about sharks in Chesapeake Bay and Virginia's coastal waters.

Bay Nettle
Jellyfish Sting?

I want to avoid jellyfish while swimming in the Bay. {{,What steps can I take? If I’ve been stung, what should I do?}}

How long is Virginia's shoreline?

The length of the Commonwealth's shoreline {{,depends on how it's measured.}}

Marine Mammal Sighting?

I've seen what appears to be a dolphin, manatee, porpoise, seal, whale, or other marine mammal. {{,What should I do?}}

How big is the Bay?

Chesapeake Bay is certainly the largest estuary in the United States, but how does it rank globally?

Stranded Sea Turtle?

I've found a stranded sea turtle. {{,What should I do?}}

Unhealthy looking Striped Bass?

I've caught a striped bass whose skin has red patches that appear inflamed or irritated {{,What should I do?}}

Marine Infection?

I've developed an infection of a cut or scrape that I received while in or around the water. What should I do?

FAQ: Ocean Acidification

I've read that the ocean is becoming more acidic due to the release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. How might this affect marine food webs?